Guess what, we’re going to be places! And do things! Well, you know, beside the normal sitting around like sloth, griping about the weather and shooing kids off our lawns. That really takes a lot out of you.

For starters, Alex is at Carmine Street Comics tonight! Feel free to drop by and ruffle his hair. Or, more correctly I suppose, rub his bald spot. Fair warning, it will not bring you knowledge. Likely the inverse.

Also, the whole Wayward Raven crew will be at Foxwoods this weekend! No, not to gamble (although we can’t rule it out). We’ll be showing off our wares at table 916 at ComiCONN!

Hope you stop by and see us!

-Mark “Knows when to hold ’em, not when to fold ’em”


I think we need more cookie puns.

-Alex “One Sweet Cookie”


We’re nibbling away at them…

Mark “I’m more of a smart cookie”