That’s right, Dr. Entropy is a woman! What, did you assume all doctors were male? Thought that only dude supervillians wore masks? Sexist pigs! Okay, okay, we didn’t really do anything to dispel it either, nonetheless, shame on all of you!

Of course, we still don’t really know who she is. Sigh. I really wish I hadn’t had my memory erased before we launched this series of strips. Anyway, enjoy!



After all the weird and unusual stuff I’ve drawn over the past year of doing Damn Heroes, this strip makes me feel the most uncomfortable. I realize now that I’ll be apologizing for another one of these horrible strips in the next few weeks. Mark is a vile and despicable man. May he rot in hell while dwarves in blue leotards beat him with trout.

– Too ashamed to be Alex


I seem to recall that you were the one who wanted to replace the black bars with pictures of Miley Cyrus’ face…