I think we all have the tendency to push buttons, especially when we’re not supposed to.

-Alex “Pushes the Door Close button on elevators”


In college I had a dorm room on the 4th floor. Usually when I got in the elevator it was empty and so I developed a habit of hitting all the buttons after my floor as well (the building was about 12-15 stories). I don’t know why I did it, probably out of a sense of general mischief and the thought of an empty elevator opening on every floor was funny to me.

One day I did it automatically and turned to see someone else was on the elevator with me. She was going to the top floor. She was clearly not happy. I apologized as profusely as I could and slunk away when the door opened to my floor. After that, I imagine her pointing me out to her friends on campus as some kind of troglodyte who they should be wary of encountering.

I did learn to stop pushing all the buttons after said encounter, but in retrospect I still giggle about it occasionally.

-Mark “World’s Worst Lift Attendant”