Yeah, yeah, so for you traditionalists, I know he’s a chicken, not a turkey. Deal with it, I think cooking a radioactive chicken for Thanksgiving is funny as hell. Interesting that his skin is still green after going into the oven. If this weren’t a one off holiday strip that has no bearing on the continuity of the comic, I’d probably make one of the characters gain some power or mutation because he ate too much. Who knows, maybe I still will. There is plenty of time to cook this bird.

On a side note, the guy with the mask is a character who we will see in a few strips. I won’t spoil the surprise, but nevertheless he is somewhat of a vehicle for my more bizarre and twisted thoughts. Anyway, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy overindulging on food and have a wonderful time with family and friends.


I suppose Cluck should be thankful he wasn’t involved in some sort of turducken incident around the point of his untimely demise. That would have just been too cruel even for us.



Bah, I know no such limitations. Now pass me a drumstick.