So, the Kickstarter is nearly over, and we’re over 90% to our goal. We just need a little more help. Just a slight nudge, not even a grand push, so give us a hand. Help us out jus so we can shut up about it at the very least.

Just click the nice sword wielding lady at the top and you’ll be taken right over.

For a generous $45 contribution, we’ll include you in an upcoming Damn Heroes strip, as your choice of either a hero or villain. Be sure to check the Signed C Kickstarter in case there’s other goodies you’d like, including t-shirts or original artwork.

On behalf of Mark Frankel, we here at Damn Heroes would like to thank the Penguins for graciously stepping aside and letting the Rangers win last night. Though clearly inferior as a team, the Rangers still needed a boost in morale that comes from a winning a game of sportsball (match of sportsball? engagement? whatever) and the Mighty Penguins were honorable enough to lose with a sense of dignity.

– Mark (Totally not Alex writing this, since all the sportsball references were correct. Touchdown!)

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