I had been playing around with the idea of a strip with little to no dialogue, much to Mark’s annoyance.  Sight gags were always more appealing to me as an artist, even though I love good dialogue.

I’ve often wondered what kinds of graffiti we’d have in a world of superheroes. In some of the DC stuff from the late eighties and nineties, I noticed them adding more street art into Gotham, mainly to make it look edgy I guess.  What really stuck out to me though was the gang related art from Dark Knight Returns and Cataclysm, which served as an influence in this. Even though I never really wrote up on walls, I’ve always had an appreciation for graffiti, having grown up in NYC and spending way too much time in the Bronx. I hope to add a bit more of this into the strip to give the city some more ‘character’.



Eh, no dialogue doesn’t mean there wasn’t good writing.