Okay, first thing’s first. Signed C: the missing, issue number two, comes out today on comiXology! You can get it here. Or start with issue one (or any of our titles). What’s the matter, don’t you like myth, magic and mayhem? Kick-ass sorceresses fighting across the African savannah don’t do it for you? Why the heck not?

Moving on, as today’s strip shows, it really is all about the money. That’s why we make webcomics. Did you know that 0.0187 percent of all webcomic creators are filthy, stinking rich. Purely from creating a doodle. Seriously, look it up. Truly this medium is about cold, hard cash and not something we do for the love of it.

Fine, you’ve got me. I was being facetious. We do this mainly to get the voices to leave our heads. So far, the more we create, the louder they get. But hey, it’s cheaper than therapy. Enjoy!



In the immortal words of Ray Liotta, “F*@$ you, pay me!”

– Alex