Okay, so this is it! The premier, number one, numero uno, #1, FIRST! strip for Damn Heroes. I’ve had a ton of fun writing Damn Heroes and giggling to myself amidst stares from disturbed and distresssed people on my train (yeah, I’m talking about you wild eyed cell phone guy and old smells like scotch too early in the morning suit guy). It has also been fun working with Alex on all the crazy thoughts we’ve had about the superhero genre, so it is awesome to see it start to come to fruition. Speaking of Alex, I would like to take a moment to point out that if you read this strip carefully, you will find that he thinks the normal speed limit is 60 MPH. I guess once a city boy, always a city. Anyway, we both hope you enjoy Damn Heroes and are looking forward to providing you more zany archtype. Thanks for reading!


My people come from Europe! 60 kph is a valid speed!  It’s time we embraced the metric system people!

-Alex (Born in Queens, NYC – Not Europe)