2016 has been an…interesting year, to say the least (yes, I’m using the term interesting exactly how you think I’m using it). I’m still reeling from the news about Carrie Fisher. I believe Alex is going to do a tribute later this week. In case you are looking for a full list of suck, here it is here.

Here’s to hoping 2017 is better, despite my suspicions that 2016 is proof that the apocalypse is upon us. In that event, I’ve got hot dogs, marshmallows and beer. You are all welcome to join me in roasting them over the fire.

-Mark “The fifth horseman, riding a Prozac colored horse”


Stating that this year stinks more than the diaper of an emotionally distraught Rancor Trainer after he a bout of stress eating at Taco Bell, is a bit of an understatement.

Here’s to 2017, I’m going to start drinking now.

-Alex “Cheerfully booking a trip to Alderaan to see the light show”