Santa being taken away in cuffs, Sebastian preparing for a cavity search and the reindeer getting sobriety and (hopefully) HGH tests. The boot is also a nice touch. Ah, it just warms the cockles of my two-sizes too small heart. I can only imagine Rudolph is up front snitching on the other reindeer. “Yes officer, I did see Blitzen snort some of the snow. He said it was only for recreational purposes.”

Ah, good times. Well, I’m off to spike Santa’s milk with some Ex Lax and settle in with a couple glasses of scotch. If I’m lucky, maybe the Punisher or Rambo is on TV. Merry Chrismahanukwanzica to you.



Wasn’t till recently when I started feeling the Christmas cheer. I suppose that means I’m getting out of the humbug stage of my life and looking forward to spending time with the mental patients I call family. Somebody help me!

Because of the holiday, this week’s strip will not show up on Wednesday, but has been shifted to today, as a bit of a gift (for me as well, these damned things take time to draw!).

So…uh…Happy fill in the blank?