When I draw the little lines that connect the helmets, I make little “bzzt” sound effects. That’s normal right?

-Alex “Isn’t playing with a full deck”

P.S. I lost my day job, so I’ve been working on a little side project to keep my spirits up. It’s called Adventures in Unemployment and you can find it here: http://wwraven.com/2yl4jLu


You lost it? Well where did you put it last? It’s probably somewhere in that mess you call a room! A little clean up every now and then and maybe you wouldn’t lose things all the time…

-Mark “Channeling my parents”


Ugh, get off my case Mark. I’ll clean it when I’m good and ready!

-Alex “Will never be good or ready”


You’ll clean it now mister!

-Mark “Cutting off your allowance”