Damn Heroes is a journey of a gentle man making his way in the big city, giving back to the friendly and vivid characters of that utopia with love and respect. Hero City is paradise on earth, a garden of eden nurtured and protected by some of the most respected superbeings on the planet.

What?!?!? Are you crazy? Who is writing this crap?

Now, now Sebastian. Let’s not let an incident or two cloud your judgement.

An incident or two? I’m stuck in this hell hole for five years toiling for these numbskulls while some self important crackpots write it all down and make cute little drawing about it! If I ever get out of here Frankel, you and Sap…Sapou…oh screw it Alex, better watch your backs!

Hmmm, perhaps we should move on.

That’s right, word-boy, take a hike. Now where did I leave my vacuum…?

Um, yes. So, how about some bios?

Alex Sapountzis

Alex dresses up in tights and preforms many of the stunts depicted in the comic. After an incident involving the police commissioner’s daughter, a flash light and some balloon animals, it has been decided that his time would be better spent drawing his superhero adventures, at least according to the judge.

Alex draws the strip and sometimes changes Mark’s words when he’s not looking

…and pays dearly for it.

Mark C. Frankel

Oh sure, Alex makes pretty pictures (still not sure why HIS name has to go first here), but I’m the guy who actually writes these damn strips. Ever see a movie where all the actors, the director and producer show up, but no one has a script? Do you WANT to see a movie like that? Hell no! I rule this strip with an iron fist! Everyone and everything in it are just my little ants to torture with my gigantic magnifying glass. Dance sad little heroes! Dance! Muhahahahahah!!!!<tents fingers and throws head back in maniacal villain posture>

Also I like long walks on the beach, Jello and Power Ballads. (Hey, you’ve got to let the ladies know you have a sensitive side. But I don’t. I really hate those things. Shhh, it can be our secret. Not like anyone is reading this sh*t anyway).