This poor schlub made the mistake of going five miles over the speed limit in Hero City. As this was only a first offense, the Honorable Judge Judy Dreadful sentenced him to a mere five years of community service.  These are his misadventures.

 First Appearance: Speed Limit


captain-righteousCaptain Righteous

As Hero City’s premiere super hero, it falls to Captain Righteous to keep her citizens safe from all threats, including jaywalking, speeding and the horrible monsters from other dimensions.

 First Appearance: Speed Limit



doctor-entropyDoctor Entropy

A mysterious super-villain with a sordid past, mostly involving Captain Righteous, a feather duster and some very questionable photos.

 First Appearance: Friends May Come and Go, but Enemies Accumulate

 Reboot: I wonder if this is how Nomad felt…?