Well, another year, and it looks like we’re off to a pretty great start, considering how close we came to extinction (Thanks Mayans).

As I build up my buffer for the new year, I’m trying to get myself disciplined with blogging and communicating, so here we go!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come after last strips squid attack.  A super hero probably isn’t in the best hands when he lands between a super villain and a self confessed law-breaker. I hope nothing bad happens…


“I fell like we should call someone”
“Why bother, they’ll just ask too many uncomfortable questions”

Speaking of sneak peeks, 2013 is going to have big changes in store, not just for Damn Heroes, but for the rest of the team.

Mark’s been working on issue 2 of the Ascendant, which you can pick up at Indy Planet (along with Horsemen). Here’s the link: http://indyplanet.com/store/index.php?manufacturers_id=12478

I’m working on a super secret project with our buddy Josh, cowriter of Horsemen. Details to come on that one!

Also, the three of us are getting together to figure out our con schedule for the year (yeah, we like to plan stuff like that, because we’re grown ups) and will be posting those appearances soon.