As a kid, I always thought this running gag of a cat stuck up a tree to be so ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I grew up in NYC, where trees were few and far between, or my delinquent friends thought better of actively seeking out police officers, I couldn’t say.

I personally had homicidal ninja cat, who would constantly try to find the highest point, where he’d rain down cold stares, or whatever heavy objects were within reach. So, if he got stuck up somewhere, I’d rather just leave him to sort it out, rather than lose a limb.

By the way, in case anyone is interested, the little girl is a mash up between Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toons, and Animal Man, or possibly his daughter. I’m thinking we need a borderline psychotic adorable little girl in the cast. I can use my niece or Mark’s daughter Scarlett as a template.



I would like to go on record saying I had nothing to do with this strip. I’d LIKE to go on record saying that, but in truth I did help restructure and reform Alex’s mismashed ideas and fragmented sentences into a serviceable strip. I begged him to take my name off of it, but he wouldn’t. So since I can’t delete my name, I’m just going to have to go around to all the computers, laptops, phones, etc. where it has appeared with some white out for the screens. You have my apologies if I ruin your device, but direct your blame towards Alex. See you in a bit!