The idea of Sebastian being chased by tiny bloodthirsty minions makes me giggle. Has a bit of a Gulliver’s Travels sort of feel, but with way more maiming. Yes, we are twisted individuals here at Damn Heroes. Be honest, isn’t that why you keep coming back for more?

As an aside, have you seen some of the other stuff that we’ve been doing at Wayward Raven? Lots of cool comics soon to be released this year. Hope you’ll take a peek. Enjoy!



Speaking of peeping, which I tend to do, we’re doing a sneak peek of a few of our new books in the next few weeks

One in particular is Signed C: The Missing #3. We’re doing a pre-order for $2.99 for print and $.99 for digital. Stop by and check it out!

-Alex “The Peeker”