This is by far my new favorite strip.  Where else can I have a pin-up model punch Hitler in the face? Drawing this was somewhat of a challenge actually. Originally, we were talking about having the Dame be more of a Wonder Woman type of character, but as I was looking through some 1940’s pin up model photos as reference (I suffer for my art), I thought she should be more military or USO and therefore Captain America sprung to mind.  As I did some practice sketches on the costume, it started looking more like Bucky in my mind, which is rather sad for him, being that I’ll always associate him with a USO girl. Should make the next Captain America movie that much more interesting.



I’m not even going to make fun of Alex today. I think he did an awesome job on this strip! For the record, even if I never got the opportunity to punch Hitler in the face (although I firmly believe that admittance to the afterlife includes it as an option), I’m glad one of my characters enjoyed the experience. Enjoy!