So we thought we would take a break from your regularly scheduled strip (don’t worry, the sequence picks back up next week) to poke fun at comic book Death, particularly after Captain Righteous’ recent resurrection last strip. I’ll let Alex talk more here since this week it was something he tackled and I just helped refine. Enjoy!



Everyone is always talking about how death in comics is never really final, like it’s a bad thing. I have mixed feelings when people complain about whether comics should be bound by any set rules. While working within predefined rules and continuity can make a really good story all that much better and rewarding over time, playing fast and loose with the rules can make things fun. I mean, come on, it’s a fraggin’ comic for Kirby’s sake!

That being said, when the only character in 70 plus years of comics history to stay dead is Ben Parker, it makes me wonder if Death in comics is impotent, or spending too much time in the bar.